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Enzler cleaning expert Matthias Dürig, and Fabienne Häfliger, head of housekeeping at St. Ulrich community centre, have one thing in common: they clean with Wetrok Purasurf. In this short interview, they reveal what they use the maintenance cleaner for and what they love about the product.

Four questions for Matthias Dürig, Regional Manager East at Enzler Reinigungen AG

“If a customer wants a safe, non-hazardous cleaning product, we can completely fill these requirements with Purasurf in foam form”

  1. Mr Dürig, why do you use Purasurf?
    Many of our customers prefer that we use an environmentally certified cleaning product. That’s where Purasurf comes in. Despite the fact the cleaning product is not ecologically certified, it is one of the top products on the market when it comes to environmentally friendly cleaning. That’s because in some cases, the use of Purasurf in foam form fulfils even higher ecological standards than some certified products. In addition, it is extremely safe to use. This is a combination our customers love.
  2. How does this foam cleaning method work?
    It’s very simple; which is what’s great about it! Cleaning staff fill a foam bottle with water up to the first mark, then add the cleaning product up to the second mark – and it’s ready to go. Foam is generated with a gentle squeeze of the bottle. This is then applied to a microfibre cloth.
  3. What are the advantages of foam?
    Unlike aerosols, foam cannot be inhaled by cleaning staff, and it uses significantly less chemicals due to its concentrated formula.
  4. What kinds of properties and surfaces do you clean with Purasurf?
    We mainly use Purasurf for maintenance cleaning in the buildings of the local cantonal administration. That’s around 80 properties throughout the canton. The basic principle is: everything above floor level is cleaned with Purasurf. That includes doors, door handles, desks, sideboards and the reception desk. Since Purasurf is fragrance-free, we also use it for surfaces in areas where food is handled. For example, break rooms or tables in canteens.

Four questions for Fabienne Häfliger, head of housekeeping at St. Ulrich community centre in Luthern

“Thanks to the versatility of Purasurf, we use a single cleaning product for the maintenance cleaning of furniture, windows, floors, wet rooms and cafeteria tables.”


  1. Ms Häfliger, why do you use Purasurf?
    I used Purasurf at my former employer; a hotel and training centre with many surfaces made of sensitive materials, and got outstanding results. I was impressed by how safe and easy it is to use. That’s why I now use Purasurf for maintenance cleaning at the St. Ulrich community centre too – I trust the product. I have three requirements for a cleaning product: It must have a good price-performance ratio, it must be gentle on materials and it cannot be hazardous to residents or staff. Purasurf ticks all the boxes. The cleaning results are immaculate and streak-free, and the product is free of fragrances, colourants and allergens.
  2. Why is safety such an important issue to you?
    The health of residents and my staff are my top priority. That’s why I chose a surface cleaner without harmful allergens in Purasurf. Its universal applicability also prevents user error. And for us, there is another aspect to consider: Some residents help with cleaning as part of occupational training – so a safe product is an absolute must.
  3. What kinds of surfaces do you clean with Purasurf?
    Everything! For example: windows and glass surfaces, the furniture in residents’ rooms, public recreation rooms, offices, wet rooms and untreated wooden cabinets. As well as surfaces, we also use Purasurf to clean the floors. Since Purasurf is suitable for environments where food is handled, I want to switch most of the cafeteria and kitchen cleaning over to Purasurf in the future. Why use a different surface cleaner in the kitchen and dining area if I can safely use Purasurf there too?
  4. Which cleaning method do you use with Purasurf?
    We primarily use Purasurf with pre-dampened cleaning textiles. First we place the required number of mops or cloths in a box, we then pour a mixture of Purasurf and water over them and allow them to soak for a short time. That way, we always have the right number of mops and cloths prepared for wet mopping the floors, wiping down the surfaces in the various rooms, and maintenance cleaning in the wet rooms.

Gentle on staff, tough on stains:

“Purasurf is a secret worth discovering: virtually no other maintenance cleaner is as versatile and safe to use. It was developed not only with powerful cleaning performance in mind, but user safety too. As a result, Purasurf is non-hazardous and free of allergens, fragrances and colourants.”
Christina Menzel, product manager for cleaning products

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