A new eco-friendly wood floor care formula


Do you take care of wood floors? Would you like to use wood care oil that is not just highly effective but eco-friendly, too? Then Wetrok Leinol BW and Wetrok Leinol NW, the tried-and-tested wood care products based on a new eco-friendly formula, are perfect for you.

Wetrok has completely revised its formula for Leinol BW (basic care) and Leinol NW (aftercare). The new Leinol features an improved protective effect and is particularly low in emissions for users of the product or the premises.

The benefits of the new Leinol formula:

Easier to use
The liquid floor oil can now be spread more evenly and is absorbed more quickly.

Unparalleled protective effect
The protective effect against moisture and dirt sets in more quickly and is even more durable.

New eco-friendly formula
The two products do not contain any volatile solvents or other substances that may pose health risks.

Sustainable building standards met
The new Leinol was awarded the EMICODE EC1 Plus label, the strictest VOC eco-label for wood care products.

Cleaning and care in a single work step
Leinol NW can be used as a protective wipe and care product when it is diluted at a mixing ratio of 10%.

Find out more:
Product data sheet Leinol BW
Product data sheet Leinol NW

Good advice:
Your customer advisor, as well as our customer service, will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the product and its application.