Recertification with Nordic Swan Ecolabel


Safe and environmentally-friendly cleaning should be affordable for everyone. This is the aim of the Wetrok wetco line. In November 2020, this environmentally-friendly family of cleaning products was recertified with the Nordic Ecolabel.

Are you looking for environmentally-friendly cleaning products that don’t cost a fortune but still deliver good cleaning quality? Then you will love the wetco line! This unique family of cleaning products will keep your conscience clear while considerably simplifying the cleaning process: You can clean the entire building with just three to five cleaning agents.

The wetco line is oriented on the top five requirements for a cleaning product:

Maintenance cleaning without frills”
The wetco line consists of five maintenance cleaners for the entire building:

wetco floor (floor maintenance cleaner)
wetco surf (surface cleaner)
wetco cristal (glass and surface cleaner)
wetco san (sanitary maintenance cleaner)
wetco san neutral (neutral sanitary maintenance cleaner)

“No harm to the environment”
The wetco line is certified with the Nordic Ecolabel (successful recertification in November 2020) and is confirmed to be easily biodegradable.

“Top safety for cleaning personnel”
The wetco line is free of allergens, fragrances and critical preservatives.

“Quality for low prices”
The wetco line offers a sensational cost-benefit ratio.

“Fewer product variants, fewer errors”
The wetco line allows for versatile application and significantly reduces the number of cleaning products you need to use.

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