Answers to five frequently asked questions


When you buy a chemical product for commercial use, you will receive a data safety sheet with it. In it, you will find important information about hazards, storage, handling and disposal of the product. Wetrok cleaning products are no exception. In this post, we answer five practical questions about the safety data sheet.

1. Access: 
Who should have access to the safety data sheet?
employees who work with or come into contact with the cleaning product or chemical.

2. Storage: 
Where and in what format should I keep the safety data sheet?
It is recommended to keep both a physical copy (e.g. in a folder accessible to everyone who needs it) and a digital copy (e.g. on a cloud drive accessible to everyone who needs it) of the safety data sheet. Digital storage is particularly advisable in case of a fire in the building. In such an event, it is especially important for the fire brigade to know what type of chemicals are stored in the building. In addition, there is a legal requirement to store safety data sheets for ten years – even if the cleaning products in question fall out of use after two years.

3. Updates: 
What happens in the event of changes to the safety data sheet?
If there are any changes to the information regarding a chemical product, these must be communicated to all customers who work with the chemical product immediately. In other words: Every Wetrok customer who uses the cleaning product in question will receive an updated safety data sheet by email. Wetrok also guarantees that all safety data sheets published on the Wetrok website are up to date.

4. Responsibility for personal protective equipment: 
Who is responsible for providing personal protective equipment (PPE)?
The employer is obligated to provide employees who work with the respective chemical with the personal protective equipment described in the safety data sheet for the performance of their professional duties.

5. Emergency number:
Which emergency number should I dial in the event of an accident involving chemicals?
Depending on your country, you should dial the number of the respective toxicology centre. This is provided on the first page of the safety data sheet. Depending on the severity of the accident, you should also perform first-aid measures as specified on the safety data sheet, and/or seek medical assistance. For safety reasons, it is advisable to consult a doctor in most cases.

Download safety data sheets now
We provide all the necessary safety data sheets for Wetrok cleaning products on the Wetrok website:

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We immediately update our safety data sheets when recommendations change, and publish them in a variety of languages. In case of any questions about safety data sheets, the Wetrok team for product safety and regulatory affairs will be happy to help: