Coating agent for dissipative/conductive floors


Do you have dissipative or conductive floor coverings installed? Then the latest Wetrok innovation provides ideal protection for your floors: Wetrok Mepol Ohm – a new coating agent for dissipative and conductive floor coverings (ESD floors).

Why a coating is recommended:
If ESD floors are left uncoated, problems frequently occur: The floor becomes discoloured, dirt residues get stuck, and maintenance cleaning is more difficult. Many conventional coating agents resolve these problems but negatively impact the floor’s conductivity. That’s not the case with Wetrok Mepol Ohm: This new special coating agent features a protective formula for ESD floors. Not only does this preserve the conductive properties, it actually improves the floor’s conductive / dissipative capacity!

The benefits for you with Mepol Ohm:

100% conductive/dissipative for long-term use
Even after daily maintenance cleaning, your floor remains 100% conductive/dissipative and safe.

No special maintenance cleaner required
Care ingredients are already included in Mepol Ohm, so you can simply use your conventional maintenance cleaner (e.g. Granufloor).

Low humidity? No problem!
You can always rely on Mepol Ohm – even in rooms with low humidity.

Coating saves you time
Dirt residues are less stubborn on coated surfaces, which means your maintenance cleaning will be faster in the future.

Easy to use
The Wetrok products from the Mepol line are exceptionally easy to use – and the same is true for Mepol Ohm.

Proven effect:
In-depth tests carried out by an inspection body for electrostatics have confirmed: The coating agent Wetrok Mepol Ohm demonstrably improves the conductivity / dissipative capacity of floor coverings. Expressed in numbers: The electrostatic charge accumulation is reduced by two thirds. As a result, there is no negative impact on the conductive/dissipative capacity of ESD floors even with daily floor cleaning and high foot traffic.

Potential areas of application:

  • Operating theatres
  • IT and server rooms
  • Labs
  • Rooms for medical technology
  • Chemical manufacturing facilities
  • Production sites for electronic components

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